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Raft Supervised Visitation Center

Helping Children Rebuild Relationships Call (419) 586-4663 Option 4 for Assistance. Mercer County residency is not required. Court orders are not required. RAFT Visitation Center Hours are Monday-Saturday by Appointment only. Call for scheduling pricing information.



Our Home’s RAFT Supervised Visitation Center offers non-custodial parties the opportunity to rebuild relationships with their children in a safe home-like environment in situations such as Court Orders, Custody Agreements, Grandparent Visitations, Divorces or Separations, Emergency Custody Situations, and Protection Orders. Visits follow a parenting plan or legal agreement. All visits and exchanges are monitored by trained staff and by unobtrusive video monitoring. RAFT receives training and is a member of the Supervised Visitation Network.


The Center has two large living-room-type spaces with couches, toys, and tables for games, crafts, or homework, as well as a kitchen area for simple meals. This safe yet homey environment is conducive for children who have experienced or witnessed trauma, such as violence, abuse, abduction, threats, or inappropriate behaviors. Visitation services allow children to begin or rebuild relationships with non-custodial parents. Bonding with parents is essential to child development, and sometimes, it is in a child’s best interest that such interaction is resumed or initiated in a supervised, supportive atmosphere.


Most clients of RAFT reside in Mercer County, but services are open to all, regardless of where they live. The income-based fee for visitation services follows a sliding scale. We aim to keep the costs low so that services are affordable. Services do not have to be court-ordered. You may use our services to work out difficult situations such as custody issues, protection orders, divorces, abuse investigations, etc. RAFT is available by appointment only. Court-ordered days and times will be followed as much as possible, but previous bookings, scheduling conflicts, and staffing requirements may necessitate a change.

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