Although not always visible; the poor, the hungry, the oppressed and frightened are all around us, right here in Mercer County. Our Home Family Resource Center works to strengthen individuals and families in the community by providing programs that address immediate needs.

Your donations help support the programs of Our Home and meet the needs of the clients we serve. Every donation is significant and will make an immediate difference in someone’s life. If you would like to donate to Our Home Family Resource Center or to one of the specific programs in the organization, you may do so on-line, through the mail, or in person.

Our Home Family Resource Center
117 W Fayette St.
Celina, OH 45822

Please specify which program you would like to donate to:

  • Direct Services & Referral for emergency financial assistance, food insecurity, and personal care items
  • Family Crisis Network for domestic violence victims
  • RAFT (Reaching and Assisting Families in Transition)
  • OR wherever the need is greatest.


Our Home would like to extend our sincere appreciation to all of the Volunteers who give so generously of their time and talents to the organization, the programs and the people we serve. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the agency and our community!

Volunteering is good for the heart and soul. A Volunteer is someone who has a personal desire to contribute and realizes the importance of helping our fellow man. Volunteers strengthen the community by bringing people together to accomplish a goal.

Three Great Reasons to Volunteer:

  1. Experience: You can gain experience in a field that interests you without the commitment of employment.
  2. Self-Esteem: Volunteering helps you find out more about your strengths. You truly find yourself when you become lost in the service of others.
  3. Fulfillment: What you do makes a difference. Even the smallest contribution helps someone in some way. You will know that what you have done has changed someone’s life for the better.

If interested in learning more about opportunities to help, please contact Our Home at 419-586-4663.

Note: Family Crisis Network is currently in need of Crisis Line Volunteers.  Ext. 1103

Come join our Volunteer Team … Together, we can make a difference!

We sincerely appreciate your willingness to donate, and in doing so you are making a positive difference in the Mercer County community.


Donation 'Wish List'

  • Baby Wipes
  • Dish Soap
  • Laundry Soap
  • Toilet Paper

Board of Directors:

Kathy Mescher, Director, Our Home

Beth Gehret, Mercer County Developmental Disabilities

Angela Nickell, Mercer County Job & Family Services

Sabrina Bailey, Williamsburg Square

Rich Field, Serving Friends & Family Ministry

Lori Knapke, Mercer County Sheriff Department

Margaret Patterson, Retired (formerly Family Support Specialist)

Marge Zwiebel, Mercer County Children Services

Carol Hone, Mercer County Civic Foundation

John Bruns, Retired (formerly Mercer County Commissioner)

Hans Rehrman, Retired (formerly Celina Group)

Paula Smith, Woodforest National Bank





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