RAFT Supervised Visitation Center

~ Local Safe Haven for Supervised Visits ~
The RAFT Visitation Center provides supervised visitation services for Mercer County and the surrounding area. Issues such as separation, divorce, paternity rights, addiction, and domestic violence make this program’s services important to healthy child development.

At the Center, visits take place in accordance with a parenting plan or legal agreement in a homelike environment equipped with unobtrusive video surveillance for added security. All visits and exchanges are monitored by trained professional staff, with volunteers on hand for additional support as needed.

The Center has two large living-room-type spaces with couches, toys, and tables for crafts or homework, as well as a kitchen area equipped for simple meals. This safe, yet homey atmosphere is especially helpful for children who have experienced trauma witnessing (or being victim of) violence, abuse, abduction, threats, or general inappropriate behaviors of parents.

Visitation services benefit children by providing them an opportunity to begin or rebuild relationships with non-custodial parents in a monitored, safe space. Bonding with parents is very important to child development, and it is sometimes in the best interest of the children that parental interaction is resumed or initiated in a supervised, supportive atmosphere.

While most clients of the RAFT Center reside in Mercer County, the Center’s services are open to all families regardless of where they reside. The fee for visitation services is on a sliding scale based on income. These fees are intentionally kept low so it is affordable for all families.

We Provide A Home-Like Environment!

RAFT offers a comfortable home-like atmosphere intended to foster healthy child/parent interaction during transitional periods such as:

  • Custody/Shared Parenting
  • Father’s Rights
  • Paternity Cases
  • Grandparent Custody or Visits
  • Divorce/Separation
  • Emergency Custody Situations
  • Protection Orders/Abuse Investigations

We are Here to Offer Support!

RAFT supervised visitation program is not limited to Mercer County residents.

RAFT provides a safe atmosphere for visiting with children during times of family transition or uncertainty.

RAFT services do not have to be court ordered. You may choose to use our services while you are working out difficult situations such as custody issues, protection orders, or abuse investigations

RAFT is available by appointment only. Court ordered days and times will be followed unless previous bookings or other such conflict in scheduling necessitates a change.

RAFT visits are supervised by professional staff who conduct themselves in the least intrusive manner possible.

We Are Seeking Volunteers!

The RAFT Supervised Visitation Center staff has volunteers assist them in the evening and on weekends. If you would like to learn more about this rewarding opportunity call 419-586-4663, Ext 1106.




Office Hours:

Days & Evenings
By Appointment Only


(419) 586-4663
ext. 1106

Empowering People to Grow from Crisis to Hope

Our Home's mission is to assist people in their time of need, motivate them to develop and achieve their goals, and inspire their confidence and self-sufficiency. 

We firmly believe that families across all the communities in Mercer County can benefit from Our Home programs and services.

You can support Our Home* as an advocate, a volunteer, or a donor.

Our Home’s *RAFT Program is supported largely through generous donations from the community because fees assessed for supervised visitation do not cover the full cost of the service or facility maintenance.

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