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Empty Bowls Mercer County is Our Home Family Resource Center’s signature fundraising event. Proceeds from auction, donations, and sponsorship of this event will be directed to support and expand Our Home’s programs and projects here in Mercer County.

Guests at Our Home’s Empty Bowls Dinner & Auction will go home with full bellies, warm hearts, and a pick-your-own, one-of-a-kind souvenir bowl from the 219 bowls painted at Our Home’s “Create A Bowl”!

Let’s Fill ’em Up!

Your donation of any amount to Empty Bowls Mercer County is sincerely appreciated and valued — we believe there’s real power in the accumulative efforts of our community!  

Your support of Empty Bowls Mercer County will not only help Our Home’s on-going efforts to respond to the community’s needs, it will also demonstrate your commitment to the community. We have provided (below) a list of ways that you and your organization can get involved with the Empty Bowls Dinner & Auction, and the recognition and benefits that go along with each level of support. You will also find a short list of the types of services that Our Home provides to the community and the costs associated with meeting some of our community’s needs.

Levels of Sponsorship

Soup Kettle Level 

name/logo on print ads and flyers, table tents, and dinner program

logo and mentions on social media and website,

banner with event logo & your logo (stage or auction area),

5 minute organization ‘feature’ during event, invitation to share corporate ‘swag’

live mentions during event, 4 tickets to event.

Ladle Level 

name/logo on dinner program

logo and mentions on social media and website,

banner with event logo & your logo (stage or auction area),

live mentions during event, 4 tickets to event.

Bowl Level 

name/logo on dinner program, mentions on social media

signs with your name/logo (in handcrafted bowl area), 2 tickets to event.

Spoon Level 

name/logo on dinner program, 2 tickets to event.

Donor Level (business or organization donation $50 and over)

name on dinner program

Patron Level (individual donation $50 and over)

name on dinner program

To Donate Items for Silent Auction or Raffles

Contact Deb 419-586-4663 / ourhome@ourhomefrc.com

Thanks For Your Support!

Why Empty Bowls? We chose this event as our annual fundraiser because empty bowls represent the myriad of needs faced by families in our community – in each bowl, one can see a victim of domestic violence/sexual assault, or a person between addresses, or someone struggling with illness, or a child separated from a parent, or someone who feels helpless, hopeless, and hungry.

Our Home Family Resource Center is a 501(c)(3) organization and our work is carried out through four distinct programs: Direct Services & Referral, Family Crisis Network, Raft Supervised Visitation Center, and Family & Children First Council. Each program seeks to assist people in need, motivate them to develop and achieve their goals, and inspire their confidence and self-sufficiency.

Our Home also coordinates several special county-wide projects, including school supply drives, coat drives, and the Mercer County Angel Tree program. To provide these services, resources are required; your support of Empty Bowls Mercer County will provide valuable funding to continue and expand these programs.

It costs…

$1000 to shelter & provide support for an abused mom and her children for 1  month

$500 for a month of supervised visits so children in foster care can stay in touch with their mom or dad

$300 for a weekend of respite for the mother of a special needs child

$150 for supervision to introduce a non-custodial parent to his child

$100 to advocate for a victim of domestic violence, and accompany to court

$75 to help a senior citizen repair his wheelchair

$50 to operate crisis line for domestic violence/sexual assault victims for a week

$25 to support and counsel a person in a financial emergency and give her referrals

$10 for a 3-day supply of nourishing food for a family of four

$5 for a 4-day supply of diapers and wipes for a baby whose parent is unemployed


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