The Mercer County Civic Foundation hosted a breakfast earlier this month for its 2021 grant recipients. Among its beneficiaries were Program Coordinators for Our Home Family Resource Center‘s Direct Services Program, RAFT Supervised Visitation Program, and Family Crisis Network Program. The Civic Foundation makes grants annually to local non-profit organizations, with the mission of enhancing the quality of life for the people of Mercer County.

“We sincerely appreciate the Foundation’s investment into this county through our programs” stated Our Home’s marketing/development coordinator Deb Simon-Heinfeld. “These grants provide important support for three programs that, together, impact the lives of thousands of Mercer County residents, helping them to survive domestic violence and sexual assault, rebuild parent-child relationships, and overcome financial emergencies and food insecurity” she explained.

Our Home’s Family Crisis Network provides unique, essential services for community members affected by domestic violence and sexual assault. Through advocacy, education, and counseling victims develop the strength and courage they need to believe that they have the right to be safe and to see that there is a way out of their violent situation. These victims are transformed into independent, self-sufficient survivors ready to stand up for themselves and their children.

The RAFT Visitation Center at Our Home is the only non-governmental program of its kind in Mercer and its adjacent counties. Issues such as divorce, separation, paternity rights, addiction, and domestic violence make supervised visitation essential for both the safety of the children and their healthy development.

Children benefit from the safe, homelike atmosphere of the RAFT Center where they can feel comfortable and secure while meeting with their parent(s). Rebuilding the bond between parent and child is crucial in healthy child development and can affect school performance, self-esteem, and relationships across their lives.

And, Our Home’s Direct Services & Referral Program serves as the central intake point for local emergency assistance. Direct Services staff are responsible for assessing needs, logging and tracking services, and then collaborating with local churches and agencies (public & private) to provide help to the individual or family.

Direct Services’ approach to responding to those in need benefits the people we serve by streamlining the request for assistance process and increasing accessibility to resources they need to overcome financial shortfalls. It also benefits the churches and agencies Our Home works with by eliminating duplication and reducing fraud; and, benefits community members and foundations by maximizing the impact of their benevolence.

Our Home is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located at 117 W. Fayette Street in Celina. For more information, call 419-586-4663. Learn more about Mercer County Civic Foundation at:

Pictured: Mercer County Civic Foundation Director, Carol Hone (center-left), presents grants to Our Home’s Director, Kevin Draiss, and Program Coordinators Edna Backs (left) and Terra Bruggeman (right).

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