Our Home Family Resource Center is a Proud Member of the Supervised Visitation Network!

The RAFT Supervised Visitation Center was opened at Our Home in 1998, to fill a need that surfaced through our work with domestic violence victims. In the years since, the RAFT Center has established the reputation as a well-established, affordable program offering a comfortable, cozy atmosphere for supervised visits in a safe and peaceful environment.

The RAFT Center has forged strategic partnerships with local family courts and law enforcement, Mercer County Job & Family Services and Children’s Services, and the Child Support Enforcement Agency. As the only privately run supervised visitation program available in Mercer County and several surrounding counties, RAFT’s services have proven valuable for many local children transitioning between two households due to situations such as paternity issues, divorce, separation, addition, and protection orders or abuse investigations.

RAFT makes it possible for families to have visits that are supervised by trained professional staff in a homelike environment equipped with unobtrusive video surveillance for added security. The staff remains inconspicuous during visits; their role is to observe and record factual information about the interactions during the visit, and to ensure the safety of all participants.

The center has two large living-room-type spaces with couches, toys, and tables for crafts and homework, as well as a kitchen area for simple meals. This calm, secure, and conflict-free setting is especially helpful for children who have experienced trauma in witnessing (or being victim of) violence, abuse, abduction, threats, or general inappropriate behaviors of parents.

The center was closed for four months this year because of COVID restrictions, but outside of those months, RAFT staff facilitated 218 family visits, totaling 426 hours of safe, healthy interactions between children and parents from whom they had been separated or whom they had never met.

To schedule visitation, or to learn more about this program, call Claire at 419-586-4663, x-1106 #SVAM #supervisedvisitation #childdevelopment #nonprofit #community

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