Within a few weeks, Kathy Mescher will retire from the director’s office at Our Home Family Resource Center, a position she has held since 2010.   On December 1, she will pass the reins to Kevin Draiss, recently chosen for the position by the Our Home board of directors after a year of planning for the transition.  The board realizes the importance of an effective director to lead this fine organization, whose mission is to “empower people to grow from crisis to hope.”

“Kathy’s impact and service are huge. Her leadership is focused, effective and far-reaching,” said Beth Gehret, board president.  “Kathy led Our Home with expertise.  She will hand off her duties, knowing that this well-run ship is on stable ground, viable, and well-respected in the community.”

For the past few months, the two leaders have been working together, with Mescher sharing the specifics of each program with Draiss, along with the budgets, agendas, grants, clients’ needs, staff development, evaluations, and a host of other topics.  Draiss has spent significant time with staff members, getting a feel for each position and immersing himself in the daily workings of their jobs and the programs that they coordinate.

“I appreciate Kathy’s knowledge, organizational skills, and assistance in learning as much as I can about each program,” said Draiss.  “I hope to follow in her footsteps with the needed tools to continue the traditions of Our Home, transitioning seamlessly into this monumental assignment.”

Mescher says she has appreciated spending this transition time with Draiss.  “From what I’ve witnessed, Kevin clearly has the ability to tackle the administrative duties,” she said, “but much more important are his compassion and empathy, which blend beautifully with the mission of Our Home and with our staff’s commitment.  Kevin has deep concern for people.  He’s connected and committed to this community, and he has the right tools to take over as director,” she continued.

Draiss and his wife, Erika, reside in Celina and are proud parents of three daughters.  His previous work experiences include office administrator, police officer, and probation officer, all of which groomed him for this leadership position.  The board’s selection committee sensed Kevin’s passion just minutes into his interview, believing he had the necessary compassion and the skill-set that is required.

“Kathy’s departure leaves a huge void.  Our Home has grown and thrived over the past years because of her special touches,” said Gehret. “She has diligently given of herself for years so that others could reach their potential.  Our board wishes her only the best in her much-deserved retirement.”

Mescher feels confident that Draiss is prepared and grasps the complexities of this new position. Draiss mirrors her passion, and the staff and board of directors feel he is well prepared to tackle the daily operations and lead Our Home Family Resource Center into the unknown possibilities of tomorrow.

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