We are always grateful for (and humbled by) financial gifts that we receive but we must admit that these turbulent times have truly amplified these emotions within us. Even though things may feel uncertain, we are able to draw comfort and encouragement from knowing how many of you truly care about our work!!

Our mission of helping folks navigate times of crisis has become even more important during #COVID19 and recent contributions from individuals, service clubs, churches, and charitable funds will be extremely helpful in this effort.

With this support:
— We are providing direct assistance and support for families who have either lost their jobs, or might lose their jobs as they are forced to self-isolate. We are offering financial help to families at risk of losing their housing, or utilities, or the ability to cover medical costs.
— We are also working in the field of domestic abuse and sexual assault, where we are experiencing an increased need for our services because victims are forced to work from home and children are unable to attend school. Social isolation and increased time spent with the perpetrators of domestic violence puts them in greater danger for abuse.

These gifts represent your hands at work sowing hope into the lives of those who come to Our Home Family Resource Center frightened, hungry, and in need.

On their behalf, we thank you!

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