Our Home Family Resource Center recently received a grant from the Cooper Family Foundation. The funds were awarded for support of Our Home’s RAFT Visitation Center and its efforts to provide families an opportunity to spend time together, remain connected, and rebuild relationships during times of transition and turmoil.

The need for the RAFT Center is linked to issues such as divorce, paternity, addiction, and domestic violence. In all these instances, the Center strives to foster increased involvement and stronger connections between non-custodial parents and their children by providing them with a safe, neutral, comfortable space for spending quality time together.

Children are often the biggest beneficiaries from visitation services, because they are provided valuable time with non-custodial parents; time to begin or mend their parent-child relationships in a safe space.

But the community benefits as well. When parent-child visits occur regularly, and with stability, a stronger connection between the child and parent develops. Then, through that deeper connection, the visiting parent has increased involvement in the child’s life; and, greater parental involvement with the child lead to better academic and socio-emotional outcomes for the child.

“We appreciate the Cooper Family’s commitment to being good neighbors, and for their valuable support of the RAFT Center,” stated Deb Simon-Heinfeld, Our Home’s marketing/development coordinator. “We facilitated over 360 family visits last year. That accounts for nearly 750 hours of safe, healthy interaction between children and the parents that they’d been separated from or had never met. These visits would not have happened, had it not been for the Center” she added.

Our Home is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located at 117 W. Fayette Street in Celina. The RAFT Visitation Center services are available by appointment. The Center is open to all families regardless of where they reside. The fee for visitation services is on a sliding scale based on income. These fees are intentionally kept low so it is affordable for all families. For more information, visit www.ourhomefrc.com or call 419-586-4663.

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