(Photo, Celina Daily Standard)

In the aftermath of the Memorial Day tornado, Immaculate Conception and several other Catholic parishes in the area held special collections to aid families in their recovery from the storm. These churches, along with other individual donors, asked Our Home Family Resource Center to hold and distribute their funds.

As a result, Our Home’s Tornado Relief Fund was born and what a wonderful project it was!

After accepting and reviewing applications in July and August, Our Home was able to distribute over $39,000 in grants to local families. These funds are now at work helping our neighbors cover storm related expenses (insurance deductibles and depreciation, losses not included in coverage, expenses that exceeded insurance limits, and uninsured losses).

Many of the grant recipients sent notes of thanks to Our Home, thanks that we now wish to express and extend to those who spearheaded, and donated to, this effort. It is their compassionate response to the storm that has planted seeds of hope into the lives of grant recipients still reeling from the tornado.  And, as we all know, “hope springs eternal”. Thank you!

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