#GivingTuesday Wishlist: $6000.00 in donations through our on-line donation page https://www.ourhomefrc.com/donate/.

Any transactions November 21st through December 1st will be directed to two “must have” projects with overflow funds designated as general donations to be used for operation of Family Crisis Network and RAFT Visitation Center.

Our Home’s Two “Must Have” Projects:

  1. First is the installation of new flooring in our Domestic Violence Shelter where the well-worn, stained carpeting in the kitchen and hallway is being replaced with linoleum. We have estimates for flooring and installation and have been able to obtain a grant for some of the cost but we are still in need of $1000 to cover costs.
  2. Second is replacement flooring in our RAFT Visitation Center where the number of permanent stains and wear on the light blue shag carpeting installed ten years ago have surpassed our ability to cover them (hosting multiple families with small children can make upkeep a challenge). We have estimates for flooring tiles (carpeting) and installation that puts our cost for the project at $5000.00, thus far we have been unable to locate outside funding for this project. We’ve selected this type of flooring so that, in the future, we can replace a single tiles as needed.

We thank you, in advance, for your support for these projects and programs and wish you a very, Merry Christmas!!

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