Mercer County Civic Foundation hosted a breakfast earlier this month for its 2018 grant recipients. Among the beneficiaries were the Program Coordinators for Our Home Family Resource Center‘s Direct Services Program, RAFT Supervised Visitation Program, and Family Crisis Network Program.

In each case, these Civic Foundation funds will be invested into the lives of folks in Mercer County during their times of crisis, to bring them some measure of hope!

For example, funds awarded to Direct Services Program will support efforts toward providing individuals and families in Mercer County with emergency financial assistance. Over the course of the past year, through this program, thousands of individuals received some sort of assistance (rent, utilities, baby items, home repairs, emergency shelter, travel/gas vouchers, medical/prescription costs, food, and personal care items).

The Family Crisis Network funding will be directed to services for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault including: peer counseling, legal advocacy, safe temporary shelter, case management, safety planning, on-going emotional support, and a 24/7 Crisis Helpline. In the past year, Family Crisis Network has provided assistance to 462 women, men, and children; and victims of domestic violence have spent nearly 1300 bed nights in its shelter.

In addition to that, the RAFT Visitation Center grant will help us to provide space and monitoring for parental visits with children. In so doing, families will be provided with a comfortable environment in which to rebuild relationships, spend quality time together, and remain connected during times of transition such as shared custody, father’s rights, paternity cases, grandparent custody or visits, divorce, separation, or protection orders/abuse investigations. Over the past year, the Center hosted 881 hours of family interaction (across 441 visits).

We are extremely grateful to the Civic Foundation Board for these grants, and for the support of Our Home’s programs, projects, and services they represent.

Mercer County Civic Foundation “is a community foundation committed to enhancing quality of life for people of Mercer County, Ohio, by cultivating, managing, and dispersing charitable resources.” Learn more at:

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