Our Home Family Resource Center has received word that our Direct Services & Referral program has been awarded a grant from the CPPS Heritage Mission Fund. The CPPS Heritage Mission Fund was originated through the Sisters of the Precious Blood in Dayton, Ohio and aims to support initiatives promoting the dignity of and respect for all life, healing and reconciliation, solidarity with the poor, emphasis on the common good, and responding to unmet needs of the time.

These aims are fairly evident in the primary function of the Direct Services & Referral program, which is to provide Mercer County residents with information, resources, and advice to overcome emergency situations, unexpected expenses, or unusually tight budgets. The funds from this grant will lend a great measure of support to Direct Service’s efforts to meet the needs of our neighbors – especially those who are frustrated, or tired, or scared and those who do not have any idea where to turn.

At Our Home, everything we do, every conversation we have, points toward our vision of “Empowering people to grow from crisis to hope”. Our Home’s Direct Services & Referral staff meets with people who have experienced (or are in process of) eviction or utility shut-off, those who need assistance with unexpected medical expenses or emergency home repairs, and those in need of transportation to/from medical procedures or doctor’s appointments. The meeting allows for an in-depth assessment of the individual’s specific circumstances & needs and a thorough discussion of the options that are available to help them ‘bridge the gap’.

Also, Our Home operates a food pantry that provides canned fruits and vegetables, meat, pastas, soup, milk, and other assorted items. Folks on fixed or limited budgets are encouraged to visit us monthly – saving money on food frees up financial resources for rent/mortgage, utilities, and other expenses.  In addition to basic foods, our pantry also offers personal care items such as soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, and toilet paper (again opening up finances to meet other needs).

We are extremely thankful for this grant, as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, our work is only possible with resources provided through monetary and in-kind donations from private individuals, groups, organizations, and corporations and money awarded through grants such as CPPS Heritage Mission Fund.

You can learn more about CPPS Heritage Mission Fund at http://cppsheritagemissionfund.org/about-us/

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