Across the nation domestic violence has devastating effects on individuals, families, and communities. Too often, victims are forced to endure the abuse alone and are isolated from places they could possibly turn to for safety and support.

Here in Mercer County, we are not immune to the effects of this issue. In fact, in the most recent quarter of 2017, Our Home Family Resource Center’s Family Crisis Network provided assistance to 120 victims of domestic violence – equivalent to one incident per day. Which made us wonder, “How many silent, isolated victims might be right here in Mercer County?”, and ask ourselves, “What can be done to reach them too?”

That’s why Our Home’s Family Crisis Network team is offering CUT IT OUT training FREE to salon professionals in Mercer County at Richardson-Bretz Building in Celina, on Monday, October 30th. Attendees may choose to attend either 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm.

Most importantly, salon professionals who complete Our Home’s CUT IT OUT training will earn 2 Continuing Education (CE) credits, because this program was developed through collaboration of The Ohio State Board of Cosmetology and the Ohio Attorney General’s Office!

Register through October 26th at EventBrite:

Any questions, or assistance with registration contact Deb Simon-Heinfeld 419-586-4663, x-1003.

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