Much can be accomplished in Mercer County through the collective efforts of individuals and organizations concerned about the health and well-being of their neighbors.

A prime example of this type of effort is the longtime partnership between Our Home Family Resource Center and the Mercer County Society for Crippled Children. Funds from the Society for Crippled Children, held at the Mercer County Civic Foundation, are distributed to Mercer County residents in need of financial assistance for prescriptions and medical expenses through Our Home’s Direct Services & Referral Program .

Our Home is both humbled and grateful to the Society for Crippled Children for entrusting us to faithfully distribute these funds to those in need…and, so we wanted to publically say, “Thank you Muchly”!

If your group or organization is interested in developing a partnership with Our Home or one of our programs: Direct Services & Referral; Family Crisis Network; RAFT; or, Family & Children First Council, contact Deb Simon-Heinfeld / 419-586-4663, x-1003

Much of the work at Our Home is made possible through generous donations from individuals, groups, and organizations like the Society for Crippled Children who seek to positively affect the lives of residents in Mercer County.

Every donation is significant and will make an immediate difference in someone’s life!

If you need assistance, or have questions regarding the type of support available through Our Home Direct Services & Referral, contact Edna Backs / 419-586-4663, x-1002

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