In recognition of Responsible Fatherhood Month, Our Home Family Resource Center’s Facebook & Twitter accounts will provide links to resources and information designed to support Mercer County Fathers in their efforts to be the best fathers that they can be.

It seems quite fitting, since the programs provided at Our Home Family Resource Center: Direct Services & Referral, RAFT, Family Crisis Network, and Family & Children First Council are fundamentally designed to improve outcomes during times of frustration, fear, separation, or insecurity.

NEWS FLASH: Fathers are not immune to any of these!

Fathers play a pivotal role in the developmental and economic needs of children (whether custodial or non-custodial).

According to Ohio Commission on Fatherhood*, children with involved fathers have:

  • Better cognitive outcomes, even as infants
  • Higher self-esteem & less depression as teenagers
  • Higher grades, test scores, and overall academic achievement
  • Lower levels of drug & alcohol use
  • Higher levels of empathy and other pro-social behavior
  • More economic stability
  • Fewer problems with the judicial system

Conversely, children in father-absent homes face a number of challenges* no matter the cause of the absence.

Fathers may not have all the right answers…and they may not be perfect; but those who make the effort to learn how to become a better dad will see their investment pay off over the entirety of their children’s lives.

Our Home is here to support the efforts of those responsible fathers!!

*Reference: Ohio Commission on Fatherhood

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