Registration is now open for the ‘Christmas Open Golf Tournament’. This golfing event is organized and sponsored by the owners and employees of Consolidated Hunter and will be held July 15th at Celina Lynx.

For information contact Tammy Kramer 419-305-0229, or Jody / Tammy 419-586-3273.

Proceeds from the tournament will be used to purchase gift bags for teenage children (ages 13-14) that will be distributed through Mercer County Angel Tree ‘Shopping Day’ (in December). Last year’s, inaugural Christmas Open Golf Tournament was a great success, and it was very clear on ‘shopping day’ that the parents who received gifts for their 13-14 year old children really appreciated the expanded opportunity.

For those of you unfamiliar with Mercer County Angel Tree: Our Home Family Resource Center works with Job & Family Services, churches, organizations, and volunteers to provide gifts for Mercer County families who would otherwise not have much of a Christmas. Community members, churches, and agencies purchase clothing and toys for children aged 0-12 which are distributed through Mercer County Angel Tree’s ‘Shopping Day’.

The Mercer County Angel Tree Program is uniquely designed to reach beyond receipt of a pre-picked gift … Instead, Mercer County Angel Tree provides parents a full shopping, wrapping, and giving experience!

Our Home Family Resource Center generates list of names and addresses for families in need and collects toys and clothing for boys and girls of each age group (0-12); then, Our Home invites the parents to a ‘shopping day’ where they may select one outfit and two toys for each of their children. Volunteers then wrap the families’ gifts and bag them up for the parents to take home and place under the tree.

Mercer County Angel Tree’s unique method of distribution provides a sense of dignity for the parents since they have personal involvement in the selection, packaging, and delivery of the gifts their children receive.

The excitement of ‘shopping day’ and the happiness seen on the parents’ faces, as they leave with a bag of Christmas gifts for their children, is truly a wonder to see!

Our Home would like to thank the employees and owners of Consolidated Hunter and the Christmas Open Golfers for providing teen gift bags for distribution to the families during Mercer County Angel Tree’s ‘Shopping Day’. We’ve no doubt you will make someone’s Christmas a little brighter!

Our Home is located at 117 West Fayette Street in Celina. Mercer County Angel Tree is coordinated through Our Home’s Direct Services & Referral Program, gift tags are distributed to churches, agencies, and community members in November.

You can support Our Home as an advocate, a volunteer, or a donor. For details, visit or call 419-586-4663

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